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At ElectrikCITY Dance Movement, our mission is to create a safe and inclusive space for creatives of all backgrounds to thrive, explore and express their authentic selves. We are dedicated to providing diverse outlets and opportunities for professionals and enthusiasts to advance their careers and elevate their artistry. By fostering a supportive environment, we aim to nurture and develop the artistic talents of all who enter our doors. Our goal is to bridge communities, bringing together people from all walks of life, who share a passion for movement and the desire to cultivate genuine expression through the art of hip-hop dance.


Crystal De La Rosa was born in the Rio Grande Valley area where she began dancing at the age of 8. Her awards include 2x World of Dance Champion with Redefined Dance Company and 1x World of Dance Champion with EPEK. She loves fulfilling her dream of spreading the passion of dance to others within the Austin community, and she is frequently seen at the studio. If she's ever around, stop by and say hi!


Enroll in our award-winning dance teams for all ages. Nurture your dance skills while being part of a team. Foster your creativity and create lifetime friendships. New and returning members must audition every season to be considered for the team. Program fees can be found in the Membership page.



Phillip Trieu

Web Designer

Ariana Sosa

Office Admin Manager / Instructor

Mia Rodriguez

Front Desk / Director

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Social Media Director

Crystal De La Rosa

Owner / Instructor